(TW- SI) The voice calls softly, from far away. 'Breathe'.I am suspended here, deep in the cold. I am content; the world around me hazy and glistening.'Breathe' it calls again.I open my mouth. I let it fill my nostrils, but I can't draw it in. My tongue tastes bitter and chemical. 'Breatheeee' it chimes, so … Continue reading Breathe

The thing about writing is…

The thing about writing is....It's fucking hard! I have a million things to say; but allowing myself to put them on paper is a most difficult thing. The majority of what I want to say and want to share with the world are at least rooted in my own true tales. The stories of every … Continue reading The thing about writing is…

I’m always so productive the day after a session…

The day after a session I am always so... productive. In the soft light of my bedroom the sun peeks through the purple blackout curtains and for once my eyelids don't fight to stay closed when my alarm starts singing. I let it play to the end of a Norse lullaby as I stand and … Continue reading I’m always so productive the day after a session…

What’s in the Box?

In the depths of my mind is a box full of things; monsters and nightmares and creatures with wings. Beings with claws and murderous shrieks. Venomous fangs and blood drenched teeth. A crate filled with terror and horror and screams. But the scariest beastie inside it is... Me. Not me now, not the me that … Continue reading What’s in the Box?

Lovers Past and Present

The practice of taking inventory is supposed to teach us about ourselves. I considered taking inventory of the books on my shelf and what each means to me. I thought about listing each job I've had and left and what I learned from each. But ultimately, today felt like a day to inventory something deeper. … Continue reading Lovers Past and Present

Good Night. Good Girl.

"Don't stop... Please, don't stop", I beg. "Please don't stop, please don't stop." He mocks my plea, his voice pinched and forcefully high. "Please don't stop. Pathetic" he growls the last word, enunciating each syllable. My blood heats as he pushes and pulls and twists harder with every word. The sound of his mocking voice … Continue reading Good Night. Good Girl.


How do you describe the indescribable? Sunsets over mountaintops.An infants first laugh. A true loves first touch.A devastating heartbreak. A picture may capture the likeness of sight; but, nameless colors and textures no artist can replicate. A video may let you relive the moment but the sound will never vibrate inside you the way it … Continue reading Indescribable