Oh Darling, how you prayed for me. How you begged; Lord, send me an angel! Someone to guide and walk beside me. Someone to have and to hold and to keep and to love. And so I came to you; arms wide open, beating heart in hand. An angel indeed, fealty on raw knees. A … Continue reading Morningstar


(BDSM) A fitted braid of silver, A petite cluster of rings-(an illusion of Celtic remembrance),the glistening circle nestled perfectly in the hollow of her throat.Innocent. Innocuous. Just a pretty necklace…to the unknowing eye. Take note of the clasp. Or lack thereof. The unique closure with no release. The simple hoop.Innocent?Innocuous? she is Collared.she is Owned.she … Continue reading ‘Collared’

What’s in the Box?

In the depths of my mind is a box full of things; monsters and nightmares and creatures with wings. Beings with claws and murderous shrieks. Venomous fangs and blood drenched teeth. A crate filled with terror and horror and screams. But the scariest beastie inside it is... Me. Not me now, not the me that … Continue reading What’s in the Box?