Intense; a love letter.

'I'm hard to love but I love so hard' -Daisy Gray: Down For You R, All my life I've been told I'm hard to love. I'm hard to love, but I love so hard.I thought that maybe I was hard to love because I love so hard.But I don't know how to love any other … Continue reading Intense; a love letter.

A night of new toys…

'Humble.' One word from his perfect mouth and she is on her knees, head resting on forearms, ass on full display. The deep purple lights are slightly disorienting as the blood rushes to her head; maybe she should have taken that a little slower, but she's just too damn eager to please him. The lights … Continue reading A night of new toys…


(BDSM) A fitted braid of silver, A petite cluster of rings-(an illusion of Celtic remembrance),the glistening circle nestled perfectly in the hollow of her throat.Innocent. Innocuous. Just a pretty necklace…to the unknowing eye. Take note of the clasp. Or lack thereof. The unique closure with no release. The simple hoop.Innocent?Innocuous? she is Collared.she is Owned.she … Continue reading ‘Collared’

A Haunting at Hill View

It’s a balmy mid-August morning as we pack up our equipment and bid our host’s farewell. The sun is just starting to peek over the horizon while we load the hard cases and cameras into the backs of our waiting SUV. Per our closing tradition we say a short prayer, dab a spot of holy … Continue reading A Haunting at Hill View